Jin Woo Kim

Full-Stack Developer

Seattle, WA

agile Test driven Data structure Database relation


Passionate about developing and delivering high quality code that is easy to read and maintain. Refactors code to improve the quality. Habitually applies agile development principles, displaying a solid understanding of agile processes, reports, and metrics, and how to use them.

Test Driven Development

Relies on test driven process during the development cycle to deliver bug free application.

Analytical & Critical Thinking

Identifies and defines problems, extracting key information from data and develops workable solutions in order to isolate, test, and verify the problem and solution.

SQL and Database

Great understanding in data flow and entity relationship. Have worked with multiple databases and tables on creating an seamless application.

Profile picture

My name is Jin Kim and I am a software developer. Growing up, I would sit in front of the computer for hours and hours, wondering who is behind the screen making the game, I would often talk to the screen wondering if anyone will answer back. But I started to notice myself drawn to it more when my family was going through hardship. During that time I think I coped with it little better because of technology and gaming. Game served as an escape of reality for me and I was drawn to it more and more. I moved to Seattle to apply to dental school but I noticed myself being disconnected from that more and more as the time pass and I finally made a move to change my career into something that I am truly passionate about. Needless to say that my question has been answered about the man behind the screen and I want to build an application that not only is comprehensive and scalable, but helps to inspire kids like me in future.